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Research on Policy of Regulating Industry Monopolized Income
Source:Summer standardize income distribution Research Center    Editor:佚名    Time:2013/5/22    Hits:

Since the structural transition of reform and opening-up policy, the sustainable development of domestic national economy and general increase of income have brought a huge gap to our income distribution with Gini coefficient already reaching international warning level. The increasing income differential has affected the sustainable and healthy development of national economy and social stability. However, the constantly widening gap of industry income differential mainly behaves in the income between monopoly industry and non-monopoly industry. Monopoly has derived three problems, being unreasonable income differential, unfair income distribution and dissatisfaction from citizens. Therefore, a complete and systematic research on income distribution of monopoly industry shall provide reference for shortening domestic income distribution, remove the obstacles on the way to further reform of economic system and mollify the social contradictions for social stability. As a result, research on this subject has a material theoretical and realistic significance.

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