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The Opening Ceremony of Our University “China’s Income Distr
Source:Summer standardize income distribution Research Center    Editor:佚名    Time:2013/1/22    Hits:

The opening ceremony of “China’s Income Distribution Research Center Guangdong Base” of our university was grandly held in Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance on January 20. Our President Wu Handong, Vice President Yang Can Mming, Assistant President YaoLi, Director of Scientific Research Department, Xiang Shujian, Director of WTO and Hubei Development Research Center, Professor Chen Chibo, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, Lin Chuxin, Director of Scientific Research Institute, Li Xudong and some other chief leaders from the Provincial Department of Finance, all over twenty person attended the opening ceremony.

      Professor YaoLi, Assistant President, hosted the opening ceremony, President Wu Handong, on behalf of the school, delivered an important speech, so did Vice President Yang Canming on behalf of China’s Income Distribution Research Center. President Wu Handong put forward that the listing of Guangdong base was significant in the practice of the 18th CPC National Congress’ spirit and the manifestation of the important speech on scientific research innovation addressed by the comrade Hu Jintao at Tsinghua university centennial celebration. “China’s Income Distribution Research Center” was built up on the foundation of our university’s three key national disciplines involving fiscal science, accounting and finance, and also other preponderant disciplines. The cooperation of university and relevant government departments and their collaboration in innovation, were not only beneficial to theoretical innovation, but also more important to innovation of policy and contributing to making a scientific and reasonable income distribution policy. Vice President Yang Canming, on behalf of our Income Distribution Research Center, addressed at the listing of Guangdong base. He said our research center of income distribution set up bases in the most representative three provinces Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, in order to better understand the income distribution pattern in different regions. We hope that through the study platform of Guangdong base, a deep research can be promoted on distribution of income among different regions and within regions.

On behalf of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, Deputy Director Lin Chuxin expressed warm congratulations on the listing of Guangdong Base, and hoped that China’s Income Distribution Research Center could take Guangdong province as an important research sample to achieve more and better results. Deputy Director Lin Chuxin proposed in his speech that Guangdong was one of China’s developed provinces in economy and society and has prominent problems in income distribution, sharp gaps existed in northern, western and eastern Guangdong, and the pearl river delta in the economic and social development, more than 80% of the provincial revenue from the pearl river delta, therefore, the income distribution issues specifically need to study. Director of our university WTO and Hubei Development Research Center, Professor Chen Chibo, Dean of School of Business Administration, on behalf of other brother-hood bases expressed warm congratulations to establishing of Guangdong base.

      After the opening ceremony, the Guangdong Provincial Financial Department and Secretary of Party Committee, Ceng Zhiquan, Party Committee member, Deputy Director Dai Yunlong, President Wu Handong, Vice President Yang Canming, Assistant President, YaoLi, Director Xiang Shujian and other comrades reached a consensus on the operation, research programs, research contents of Guang dong Base.(Editor: PHP)

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