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Professor Pang Fengxi Invited to the “Establishment of Local
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During May 7-8, 2013, the “Establishment of Local Taxation System” Seminar was opened in Hubei Wuhan, hosted by the Department of Policies and Laws and Property and Behavior Taxation Department of State Administration of Taxation, and sponsored by Hubei Tax Bureau. Main topics included: the general objective and principle to establish the local taxation system; the general framework to establish the local taxation system; the role of local taxation system plays in the overall system; the tax categories, division of taxation rights and main tax of the local taxation system; the functions of different taxes in the local system. The seminar was chaired by Deputy Director Zhou Yin of Property and Behavior Taxation Department. Deputy Director Qiu Xiaoxiong of State General Administration of Taxation delivered speech and attended the discussion. Professor Pang Fengxi and other specialists and scholars from different units (Office of Legislative Affairs of the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission,  Department of Policies of State Administration of Taxation, Strategic Research Institute of Finance and Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Finance, Development Research Center of the State Council, Scientific Research Institute of State Administration of Taxation, Renmin University of China, Shanghai University Of Finance, Wuhan University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Hubei University of Economics) were invited to the seminar and made speeches on the establishment of the local taxation system. Other guests included leaders of the local tax bureau from Beijing, Shanxi province, Jiangsu province, Hunan province, Guangdong province, Hainan province, Shaanxi province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. (Editor: PHP)

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