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Professor Pang Fengxi Invited to Attend the Seminar organize
Source:Summer standardize income distribution Research Center    Editor:佚名    Time:2013/5/10    Hits:

On May 9, 2013, under the invitation from the General Office of State Administration of Taxation, Professor Pang Fengxi attended the seminar on taxation chaired by the Secretary of Party Committee, and General Director Wang Jun at the State Administration of Taxation. Other guests included 10 specialists and scholars from Development Research Center of the State Council, Strategic Research Institute of Finance and Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Scientific Research Institute of State Administration of Taxation, Beijing University, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Xiamen National Accounting Institute). The seminar was chaired by the General Director Wang Jun. Discussions were centered on topics including how to better play the role of taxation under the new landscape, further reform on China’s taxation system, improve the legalization of taxation. To summarize the seminar, General Director Wang Jun thanked for the concern and support on taxation from the specialists and scholars. He said a mechanism will be set up to listen to the opinions from all. He wished to get more suggestions to improve the taxation.


      Those attended also included: Deputy Secretary of the Party, Deputy General Director Xie Xuezhi, General Director Zhang Jie of the general office, Director Li Sanjiang of Department of Policies and Laws, Director Ren Rongfa of Department of Income Tax, Director Wang Daoshu of Department of Taxation of Large Enterprises, Inspector Shu Qiming of Department of Revenue Planning and Accounting, deputy director Wang Zhenhua of Department of Goods and Service Tax, Deputy Director Zhou Yin of Property and Behavior Taxation Department, and Deputy Director Yang Peifeng of Department of Collection, Management and Technology.

Before the seminar, Professor Pang Fengxi was appointed as the invited taxation commentator of State Administration of Taxation.

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